Pathos Sniper Speargun Review


In this video Andrew goes over the Pathos Sniper Speargun. The Sniper features an aluminum barrel with a cuttlefish shape that extends the full length of the gun, as well as an enclosed track. The enclosed track offers the best accuracy when compared to open tracks or guns without any track or rail. The barrel also has a ballast on the bottom of the barrel for added mass. This allows the gun to absorb more recoil and offer a more accurate shot. The ballast has a cuttlefish shape. The Sniper comes standard with an open muzzle, twin 16mm bands, and a 6.75mm shaft with shark fin tabs and a tri-cut tip. The handle used is the D'Angelo 3, which is quite similar to the D'Angelo 2, however the 3 has a cuttlefish shape and may only be used with the Sniper, and does not feature the same ergonomic handle as the D'Angelo 2. 

The Sniper has the same "downsides" as the  Pathos Laser Open Pro. The line release being quite small will allow you to use a single wrap set up, however a double wrap may not work as well. While some divers may not like this line release, Andrew having used these Pathos guns doesn't mind it. The safety is also more difficult to engage and disengage compared to other spearguns.

Overall this gun is a solid choice for anyone looking for a speargun with an enclosed track and a cuttlefish barrel. 

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