Freediving Snorkels at Diving Sports Canada

At Diving Sports Canada in Vancouver, we understand the importance of having the right gear for Freediving. Freediving requires minimal equipment, and without a dedicated air source like a tank, freedivers rely on their lung capacity. Choosing a simple, easy-to-use snorkel is essential for ensuring a safe and uncomplicated process when surfacing for air.

Why Basic is Better for freediving Snorkels

Surface snorkelers can use more complex snorkel designs with valves and floats. If a snorkel malfunctions at the surface, they can simply remove it and breathe normally with their head out of the water. However, freedivers have a lower tolerance for equipment failures. You need to be certain that when your snorkel breaks the surface, you can breathe in fresh air without any issues. That’s why most freediving snorkels are basic in style, features, and construction. Fewer potential points of failure mean a safer experience.

J-Style Design

A J-style snorkel is the most common style for freediving. It contours well with the shape of a freediver's head, doesn’t create drag underwater, and is easy to reposition quickly. Look for a basic J-style snorkel with a comfortable mouthpiece and a reliable snorkel keeper.

Ideal Materials for Your Freediving Snorkel

Most freediving snorkels are made with a hard plastic tube and a silicone mouthpiece. Silicone is ideal due to its flexibility, strength, and hypoallergenic properties. Most freedivers can use a silicone mouthpiece for extended periods without experiencing pinching, chafing, or irritation.

Other Snorkel Configurations to Consider

If you plan to use your freediving snorkel as a backup while scuba diving, consider a snorkel with a corrugated lower tube. This feature allows you to easily move it away from your face when you want to breathe through your regulator.
Snorkel color may seem like a minor detail, but many spearfishers prefer camouflage patterns or matte black snorkels for better invisibility from fish and other wildlife. If your goal is to be easily visible to other spearfishers or nearby boats, consider a brightly colored snorkel instead.

Reliable Brands for freediving Snorkels

We offer freediving snorkels from top brands like Beuchat, Fourth Element, Cressi, Seac, and Riffe. These brands are known for their high-quality equipment and their commitment to producing products that withstand the rigors of the ocean without sacrificing functionality. When you're in the market for a new freediving snorkel, these brands provide some of the best options available.

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At Diving Sports Canada, we are dedicated to offering the best freediving gear. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect snorkel to suit your needs and preferences. Visit our Vancouver shop or browse our online catalog to explore our wide range of freedivng snorkels and other essential gear.
Equip yourself with a premium freediving snorkel from Diving Sports Canada and enjoy a seamless and efficient underwater experience.