Diving Sports
Diving Sports

Spearfishing is an exciting and skill-driven sport that often delivers high-energy thrills. Unlike traditional fishing where you patiently wait for a catch while bobbing on the waves, spearfishing involves gearing up in a wetsuit, taking hold of a speargun, and preparing to catch species like lingcod, rockfish, or greenling. If diving isn't your preference, you can alternatively navigate shallow waters with a pole spear, relying on patience and precision for success.

Spearfishing Packages Deals

Pathos Laser Spearfishing Package | Diving Sports Canada | Vancouver
Vendor: Pathos
Pathos Laser Spearfishing Package
Pathos Laser Open Pro 75 cm : The Laser Open Pro is a great choice for those looking for a solid railgun with a stainless steel reversed trigger mech and an ergonomic handle. Designed for experienced spearos, the Laser Open Pro is a lightweight and...
Riffe Spearfishing Package | Diving Sports Canada | Vancouver
Vendor: Riffe
Riffe Spearfishing Package
Riffe EURO SPEARGUN SERIES E75 : RIFFE Euro Series wood spearguns are designed for all level of freedivers, spearfishers and divers. Featuring the Mag-Track which offers a faster shaft engagement and may be used for free shafting spearfishing. RIFFE’s Euro low profile designs are...

Spearguns, Spear Tips, Spear Shafts, and Slings

Whether you favor a sling or pneumatic-style speargun, there's a wide selection of expertly crafted options available. Spearguns are commonly made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and wood, each offering a unique balance of weight, strength, and durability to suit your preferences.

Different types of fish demand specific spear tips. Whether you're targeting small or larger species that require robust holding power from dual floppers and a conical point, we provide a variety of well-crafted tips tailored for your next adventure. Keeping spare spear tips on hand ensures uninterrupted spearfishing sessions, even if a prized catch slips away.

Because underwater conditions can be unpredictable, seasoned spearfishers always carry additional speargun parts and accessories. This allows for on-the-spot repairs, fine-tuning of gear to optimize performance for specific targets, and ensures readiness for any situation during each dive.

Spearfishing Wetsuits

Tailored spearfishing wetsuits not only aid in camouflaging you in blue water to evade fish detection but also provide essential protection against colder water temperatures, abrasions, and chafing. Standard wetsuits meant for activities such as surfing, scuba diving, or paddle boarding aren't optimal. Spearfishing-specific wetsuits are equipped with features like sternal chest pads for added protection, reinforced elbows and knees for durability, and integrated hoods, ensuring you can spearfish comfortably and safely.

Pole Spears

Embrace simplicity with straightforward yet thoughtfully crafted pole spears. This style of spearfishing demands lightweight effectiveness in your equipment, coupled with patience and expertise, resulting in a gratifying and demanding approach to the sport. Pole spears come in materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. You can opt for collapsible breakdown pole spears for easy transport and versatility, or select fixed pole spears for robustness and dependable performance.

Top Brands for Spearfishing Essentials

Preparing for a spearfishing trip involves equipping yourself with dependable equipment. Ensure a smooth experience and increase your chances of capturing a prized catch by choosing gear from reputable brands such as Cressi, Pathos, Salvimar, Rob Allen, and Beuchat. These brands offer gear known for its precision, safety enhancements, and designs tailored to enhance comfort for spearfishers.