Diving Sports offer Freediving courses through PADI And PAFI, Register and learn to Freedive today! Freediving is an incredible way to explore the underwater world, and Vancouver offers some of the most stunning diving locations in the world. To learn how to freedive safely and efficiently, we offer three courses. We offer freediving courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. These courses are designed to teach you the necessary skills and techniques required to dive deeper, stay longer, and explore the underwater world with ease. Whether you want to learn how to spearfish, take photos or simply enjoy the serenity of the ocean, there is a course for you.

dive on one Breath

PFI Freediver

This program teaches fundamental freediving techniques. It allows you to comfortably enjoy the aquatic world to depths of up to 20 m. You will also practice static apnea.
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Freediving Pool Drop-In

Looking to keep up your freediving skills even when the weather is cold? Have a new piece of gear you want to try out? Want to brush up on some skills? Come join us!
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Freedivng Boat Charter

We are diving some of the amazing wall dive sites we have in Howe Sound! Some dives sites we might visit are Halkett Wall, Boyer Island, Christy Island, North Bowen and more!
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