Package Price Items Included In The Package
Drysuit Package $99.95/24h Drysuit, Hood, BCD, Regulator, 1 Tank & Weights
Wetsuit Package $59.95/24h Wetsuit, Hood, BCD, Regulator, 1 Tank & Weights
Freedive Package $55.99/24h Mask & Snorkel, 7MM Wetsuit 2PC, Gloves, Fins, Belt & Weights
Freediving Setup $49.99/24h Freediving Buoy, Pulley, Freediving Rope, 2 Lanyards, Stopper, Bottom Plate & Weights

Due to high volumes of rental equipment, ALL equipment rental pick-ups must be previously sized if renting equipment after 5:00pm and reserved ahead of time. If divers require fitting, we kindly ask that they arrange to come in at an earlier time to have ample time to get the proper equipment fitted. Otherwise we may not be able to spend enough time before closing or be out of the equipment you require.

We inspect our equipment before and after all rentals. If equipment is returned dirty or damaged there will a cleaning fee ($15.00) or a repair fee (min. $45.00) to ensure all our rentals remain high quality.

A PADI Drysuit Certification is required in order to rent a drysuit. If you do not hold a Drysuit Certification from a recognized training agency, you will be required to take a Drysuit Specialty Course prior to renting our equipment.