Course Cancellation Policy

Courses may be rescheduled or cancelled up to 72 hrs prior to the date of training. Less than 72 hrs notice will be subject to a rescheduling fee. Pool training will be subject to a 50$ reschedule fee. Ocean training will be subject to a 100$/day rescheduling fee. Students will be required to reschedule if they have not completed all the prerequisites for the course before the beginning of their training and will be required to pay the corresponding fee.

Cancellations made less than 72hrs in advance will be subject to a $250 cancellation fee.

Refunds may be given if a section of training has not been started. Once a section of a training has been started (eLearning, class, pool, ocean) there will be NO refund available for that portion of training.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your course further, please contact our customer service at or by calling +1 604 694-1886.

Dive Trip Cancellation Policy

Local Dive Trips

Local trips may be rescheduled or cancelled up to 72hrs prior to excursion without penalty. Local trips cancelled or rescheduled last minute will be subject to a 100$ fee. Local trips are defined as any dive excursion within the greater vancouver area, where no ferry or boat charter has been used or borders crossed.

Non-Local Dive Trips

Non-local trips day trips and boat charter dives may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 7 days prior to the excursion without penalty. Non-Local Multi-day excursions maybe rescheduled or cancelled up to 30 days prior to the trip. Last minute cancellations will lose the full price of the excursion (equipment rentals exempt). Non-local trips are defined as any dive excursion where a ferry service has been used eg: Vancouver Island, a third party charter company was involved, or a border has been crossed, either provincial or international.

International Dive Getaway Trips

International Dive Getaway trips may be cancelled up to 3 months in advance, however non-refundable deposit will be lost. If the trip is cancelled less than 3 months in advance, the full cost of the trip will be lost. An international dive getaway is defined as any dive trip where extensive international travel is required.

Any customer wishing to cancel a dive trip may find another qualified diver to fill their spot. Monetary exchange for a diver substitution will occur between customers not the dive center or boat charter.