Salvimar Pole Spear 18 mm
Aluminum Ergal anodized barrel 18mm OD and 13mm ID Harpoon single flopper 8mm shaft
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Salvimar Pole Spear 14mm
Ergal alluminium alloy anodized 14mm 2-piece pole-spear Stainless steel paralyzer tip Atlantis blue anodized color M6 Thread
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Epsealon Polespear fiberglass 150cm
Pole spear 150cm (59’) Recommended for cave hunting  2 pieces compact and lightweight pole Manufactured from 1.30cm (½” ) heavy duty fiberglass pultruded material with a special outer silicon mesh coating for a smooth durable fiber sealed finish Filled with...
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Cressi Handspear Rubber
This Durable Black Rubber Band comes with Line ready for attachment to the Hand Spear
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JBL Travel 6' Polespear Band
Nitro rubber features our unique latex formulation and dip manufacturing process to deliver radical modulus strength. The power curve increases as bands are stretched for maximum performance.  Special anti-oxidants help protect against harmful UV rays, prolonging sling life.    ...
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JBL 6' Aluminum Polespear
For over 40 years JBL aluminum polespears have been the go-to choice for groms and spearing enthusiasts alike.  Our one-piece polespears are drawn aircraft grade aluminum and annealed for extra rigidity.  The end result is a polespear that delivers maximum...
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JBL 14" Polespear Slip Tip Spectra
If shooting large game fish with a Polespear is your thing, then the Polespear Slip Tip is a must.  Constructed of heat treated 17-4 this tip is virtually indestructible. With razor sharp barbs for guaranteed deployment, speed load system, and...
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JBL Barbed Paralyzer Spring Stainless Steel
Spearhead with hardened spring stainless steel tines with barbs.  This tip creates an expanding 3 dimensional wound path which creates a paralyzing action for exceptional holding power.  Perfect for small to medium fish Weight .44 lbs Dimensions 15.25 × 3.25...
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JBL 6′ Aluminum Travel Polespear
Big things come in small packages.  JBL travel polespears pack light and are ready for adventure.  They’re made from 6063 aircraft grade aluminum and feature a tapered front section and precision machined thread unions.  The result is a polespear that’s...
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JBL 6' Abaco Composite Polespear
Named after the Abaco Islands in The Bahamas.  This polespear was designed to do one thing: put dinner on the table.  Its built from the ground up to be stiff, light, and pack a punch!  Its composite body provides minimal...
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Epsealon Ocean Alu Black
This anodized aluminum pole spear is perfect for spearfishers of all skill levels. Each pole spear comes with one 95cm front section with a grip, one 95cm back section, one smaller 30cm back section that can be used in place...
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Epsealon Tahitian Spearpoint for PoleSpear
The Epsealon tahitian tip is compatible with the bestselling polespear (hawaiian sling) 
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9 foot Carbon Fiber Pole Spear package includes an EXTENDED BREAKAWAY setup containing SUB-MINI Ice Pick Tip Assembly and Includes 3.25ft. (1M) of 1000lb. Spectra Line setup, Rubber O-ring Line Keepers
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6 foot Carbon Fiber Pole Spear package:  (1) 36" (91.44 cm) Front Section (1) 36" (91.44cm) Back Section 3/8" (9.5mm) 30" (76.2cm) Pole Spear Power Band 9/32" (7.1mm) x 12" (30.5cm) Single Flopper Hawaiian Pole Spear shaft
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Salvimar STORM 18 mm
Aluminum Ergal anodized barrel 18mm OD and 13mm ID Harpoon single flopper 8mm shaft
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