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Why I need to service my gears?

Regular maintenance and gear servicing is a part of owning your own dive equipment. Similar to vehicle maintenance, most of the maintenance should be preventative to ensure all your dives are problem free and safe. Most manufacturers will recommend an annual inspection of your equipment and a full overhaul, or service, every 2 years. Since it varies with every brand, be sure to check the manufacturers guidelines, especially if you are enrolled in their Parts for Life program.

Regulators Service

When we complete a full service on a regulator, we do a full overhaul of all the internal parts of each stage. We take everything apart, clean all the metal and plastic parts, replace all o-rings and seats, and lubricate everything to the manufacturer's specifications. The price includes all 3 stages on a standard regulator setup plus hose cleaning and o-ring maintenance. The price does not include parts kits as they vary from each model and brand

If you only need a first stage service we can do that for you. We recommend you also bring in the second stage getting used with the first stage so we can properly adjust it to the specific pressure being delivered. The price does not include the parts kit.

We can perform a service on an individual second stage, either primary or alternate. We recommend you bring the first stage you will be using so we can make proper adjustments after servicing. The price does not include the parts kit.

An annual inspection is recommended by almost all manufacturers. We confirm first stage delivery pressure, second stage breathing effort and confirm no leaks. We can make small adjustments if needed to fix minor problems. We do an inspection of all external components to see if anything needs to be replaced before diving safely. The price does not include any parts that may need to be replaced. If a full service of any part is required, some or all of the inspection cost may be applied towards the service cost.

Oxygen cleaning is an extra cost to be added on to your first stage servicing. We will use special oxygen compatible lubricant, cleaner, and do more inspections while servicing to ensure no hydrocarbons are present. Regulators that are oxygen serviced are ready to be used with up to 100% oxygen gas. The price does not include the parts kit as it will vary depending on the model and brand of regulator.

Drysuit and Wetsuit Repair

We charge all drysuit and wetsuit labour by the hour. That covers everything such as leak testing zippers, glueing on patches, stitching neoprene, and replacing seals. Some suits will be more straightforward than others so we quote labour on a case by case basis. The price does not include any extra material ie: neck/wrist seals.

BCD Service

YWe do a full external inspection of the BCD; we check the inflator function, deflate valves, clean any debris, leak test seams on the bladder and ensure it is holding air. The price does not include any parts that may need to be replaced or an inflator service if it is required.

We service the full inflator/deflator system to make sure your next dive is problem free. The price does not include the parts kit.

Tanks Service

We remove the tank valve, inspect the threads, inside of the tank neck and the inner walls of the tank looking for weak spots or imperfections. Visuals must be done annually, or if the tank is completely emptied (especially if it was on a dive). The price does not include an air fill or a valve service if it is required.

Tanks are sent to a testing facility to be pressure tested. This ensures the material is not failing and the tank is still safe for high pressure use. Time for hydrostatic testing is 1-2 weeks. The price does not include visual inspection, tank valve service or air fill.

We will remove the tank valve and remove all the parts to inspect them and replace as needed. All o-rings will get changed and lubricated to manufacturer's specifications. The price does not include some parts that may need to be replaced outside of normal servicing.

We remove the valve and oxygen clean the entire inside of the tank and tank valve. We replace all o-rings with O2 compatible o-rings and lubricant. This ensures no hydrocarbons are present and the tank is ready for high pressure oxygen use up to 100%. The price does not include the gas fills. Visual inspection is included.

We separate all parts of the manifold and replace o-rings and seats and clean all corrosion off. This ensures all valves are working properly and there are no leaks or seizes. The price does not include added O2 servicing or gas fills.

Old scuba tanks, be it steel or aluminum, are prone to corrosion on the inside when left unused for a long time. If you spot a little too many of those questionable rust spots on the inside walls of your tank, there’s a high chance your tank will get caught in the radar of visual inspection. That’s when you know that your tank needs a good old tumbling to restore its interior health

Other Services

For in-house battery changes we charge 30$ + battery. For all computers that need to be sent back to the manufacturer for pressure testing we charge on an individual basis.

Spearfishing gun rigging is offered instore and can be done on the spot most of the time.

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