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Beuchat TAZ
Smart 2-in-1 lanyard system Not only acts as a wrist strap but also serves to stop the knife slipping out of its sheath accidentally Outstanding ergonomics for greater strength and precision One sharp edge 90x20mm and one non-cutting Supplied with...
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Salvimar Knife Holder
Knife holder elastic band
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Epsealon Microsub Teflon
Blade avalaible in teflon coating Stainless steel W 1,4116 Stiffness HRC 56-58; ABS handle / stiff sheath PP / PVC straps with plastic buckles The hole in the center of the blade will help you to grab and to pull...
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Epsealon Silex Titanium
Silex removable blade available 14 cms in stainless version or cover black titanium. Stainless steel composition 55HRC has been selected by Epsealon according to an excellent cut quality. Epsealon logotype laser engraving on one side, Silex on the other side....
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C4 Naifu S
NAIFU and NAIFU S feature an innovative and ergonomic design. NAIFU is a belt knife with a total length of 204mm and a blade length of 94mm. NAIFU S is a smaller knife, designed to be carried on the arm,...
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One-piece dive knife with protective black Teflon coating. 95-mm tempered stainless steel AISI 420 dual-cut blade, smooth and serrated, with line cutter. Length 200 mm. Safety grip on both sides of the handle. Ultra-resistant fabric scabbard with Velcro closure. Fastens...
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Seac Sharp
Dive knife with “dagger” blade in stainless steel with black protective coating. One edge is smooth while the other is serrated. The blade is 3. 54 in. long, while the whole knife measures 8. 07 in. The handle is flat...
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Omer Miniblade
The Mini Blade has a razor sharp blade with a quick-release, thin handle that fits comfortably in the hand. Sold with quick-release durable impact resistant plastic sheath. Knife has a partial straight and serrated edge blade with line cutter and...
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Salvimar PREDATHOR Green
Very compact knife Total length inclusive scabbard 16cm Suitable for freediving and spearfishing Blade stainless steel 420 with smooth and serrated sharpening Device for easy release Designed to be fixed to the arm, the forearm, the belt or the calf...
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Salvimar ST-BLADE Black
Underwater fishing knife Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated sharpening (Shark Tooth) Hole to straighten shafts
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Salvimar GOEMON Black
Reinforced tip blade Blade made of anticorrosion steel Enlarged slot for holding shafts Material Nylon, 30% Glass-filled Excellent shock and scratch resistance Hole to straighten shafts V-shaped scabbard for easy blade insertion
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Salvimar ST-ATLANTIS Blue
Underwater fishing knife Stiletto blade with smooth and serrated sharpening (Shark Tooth) Notch to hold shafts on the handle
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