Open Water Course

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  • $ 419.95 CAD

Why train with us?

  • Low student to instructor ratios : 3 or 4 students per instructor both in the pool and ocean

  • Our retail store is located downtown.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

Drysuit Training :

Sidemount is a very different way to dive, and learning can be challenging at the beginning. We want you to be as comfortable and safe as possible, so we require you have done some drysuit training with us prior to the course or have a Drysuit Specialty with recent experience. That way you aren't trying to learn two things all at once.

Equipment Rental :

Diving Sports includes all the basic gear including wetsuit and drysuit. We do not include personal gear such as mask, snorkel, computer, DSMB, or compass. We have the X-Deep Stealth Tec, Stealth Classic, and Hollis Katana 2 available to rent for the course with the Scubapro MK 25/G260 regulators. If you do not have your own sidemount equipment you can rent all the gear for 69.99$

Transportation :

Transport can be provided from our shop to the dive site. We have our shop van (limited to a 4 passenger maximum capacity). Available passenger places in the shop van will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Having a buddy, someone to train or dive with is not required as divers will always be ‘buddied’ up if alone but there are discounts available for more than one student signing up. The discount is applied by ‘adding a buddy’ at the bottom of the sign up process.

Who is this course for:

Sidemount Diving is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to dive for all types of divers. Originally designed for cave divers to be very low profile and flexible, it has appeal to almost everyone. The common misconception is that sidemount is only useful for cave or technical diving. While it is extremely useful for both disciplines, it does not only benefit those divers! With the ability to attach and detach tanks at any point during the dive, as well as being able to easily carry 1-4 tanks at once, you can take whatever setup suits your dive. If you don’t like carrying all that weight on your back at once while shore diving - dive sidemount. If you want to dive with two little 40cuft tanks tucked away under your arms instead of a big 80cuft on your back - dive sidemount. If you want to be well balanced and streamlined on every dive - dive sidemount. If you want to try a different configuration and have an interest in wreck, cave, or technical diving - dive sidemount. If you want to be able to swing your tank infront of you mid-dive for a super awesome photo - dive sidemount.

What You Will Learn:

During the sidemount course we will spend one day in the classroom talking about the equipment setup, sizing, hose routing, and going through the training material followed by a pool session to get you in the water and get used to the new configuration. Since the tanks are not connected together, we will be teaching you how to properly manage your gas supply while diving by going through when and how to switch between breathing from each of your tanks. After the pool training we will spend a weekend in the ocean doing 3-4 dives depending on individual preferences and training needs.

Course Description:

  • You will receive a code for the online learning to complete before the start of the course.
  • You will spend one full evening in the class and pool to size equipment and learn basic skills
  • You will spend a full weekend in the ocean (3 dives min) to perfect gear adjustments, trim, tank switching, putting on and taking off equipment and proper diving techniques.

  • Course Prerequisites:

  • Open Water required
  • Recent cold water or drysuit experience required
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