For those looking to take their PADI Open Water certification, you might be asking if learning to dive in Vancouver, BC is worth it? Cold water diving can be intimidating for some people but it is definitely worth the challenge. Vancouver has some great scuba diving, and the diving on Vancouver Island is some of the best in the world!

Getting scuba certified by taking your PADI Open Water course in Vancouver will actually benefit you in a few ways. First of all if you live in BC, you will be more easily be able to access the incredible diving we have right in our backyard. Most of the open water lessons and training we do are right in Vancouver and North Vancouver, and you can access the dive sites from shore! There are of course boat dives and trips we organise, but after certification you will have the ability to rent gear and go diving with a dive buddy. It will also open you up to drysuit training and experience so you will know what to expect the next time you want to get in the cold water!

We always say that if you can dive in cold water, you can dive anywhere in the world. The reason we say that is because usually the conditions and the equipment are a little more challenging than in warm water, and because of that we take extra care to meet our high training standards throughout all scuba lessons to create the best scuba divers. Divers who become comfortable scuba diving in Vancouver will find conditions in most other parts of the world easy by comparison.

When you start your PADI Open Water course or SDI Scuba lessons with Diving Sports, you will have lots of time in the pool and in the ocean to master your scuba diving skills. There is eLearning material sent directly from PADI to start as soon as you sign up for the course. We will make sure you are comfortable with the theory before going diving at one of our local dive sites in Howe Sound. One of the reasons people choose to learn to scuba dive in Vancouver is because they don’t have to spend all that time on vacation learning the basics of diving; they can just get out and go diving! So not only do you save valuable time when visiting warmer dive destinations, but you will also go with more dive experience which will make you more comfortable and make your dives even more enjoyable.

Our dive shop is located right in the center of Vancouver on main street so we are easily accessible from all over! We also know that travel around the area isn’t easy for everyone so we include transportation to and from pools and dive sites for those who need it. We also offer Discover Scuba Diving at Diving Sports for anyone who wants to try Scuba Diving before the PADI Open Water Course. This Try Dive is one evening lesson to experience scuba diving before committing to a full course.

We also have a diving club in Vancouver through our dive shop and Whatsapp so scuba divers and freedivers of all experience can connect and get out fun diving! When you do the PADI Open Water Course with our dive shop in Vancouver, you will become a part of our community and receive special offers on training, lessons, trips, and more!

If you want to know more about how much scuba diving costs in BC, or how to start your PADI Open Water Course, CONTACT US either online or in our store! You can speak with any of our experienced instructors and we will be happy to help you get started!