Immenso Squeeze Handle Catch Bag
Corrosion Resistant Hardware and Handle Spring Loaded Handle Closes Automatically when Released Nylon top and thick mesh bottom design Dimensions: 20“ x 28” (50.8 x 71)
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Immenso Spearfishing Knife
Immenso Spearfishing Knife is specially designed for spearos and it´s highly appreciated due to it´s easy handling. The Immenso Spearfishing Knife is forged from a single piece marine grade stainless steel in a sharp penetration shape. The grip is anatomic...
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Immenso 5mm socks
The design of these neoprene 5mm socks has been developed down to the smallest detail. We have used different materials for each panel making these neoprene socks the most comfortable and resistant on the market. The panel of the instep...
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Immenso 7mm Wetsuit
Neoprene Yamamoto® 039. Camo polyester spandex 019 outer / open cell interior. Ergonomic and preformed cut legs and arms. Aqua Stop sleeves to the wrists, ankles and hood. Supratex type protection on knees and elbows 5mm neoprene loading pad with PowerTex...
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