Essential Spearfishing Gear


In this video, Andrew goes over all the essential gear you'll need to start spearfishing. From floats and stringers, to masks and snorkels, if you're just getting into the sport, this video is a must watch.

A well fitting mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment. If your mask doesn't fit, you'll have to deal with leaks and you won't be able to dive comfortably. You'll also need some long fins if you really want to get into the sport. Plastics are recommended for beginners. A wetsuit is essential for protection and comfort, regardless of where you live. If you're diving in a warm place, you don't absolutely need neoprene socks, no socks or cotton socks are fine. However if you're diving in cold water, a 5mm or 7mm sock will help keep you warm. Gloves are an essential because they offer protection from cuts and scrapes, don't dive without them! A weight belt will help offset the positive buoyancy of your wetsuit and help you dive deeper. Dive computers tell you the depth that you're at, and your bottom time, incredibly valuable information. We use floats for safety, so boats know where you are. They're also handy for holding your fish using a stringer or mesh bag. And of course, we need a speargun or polespear. Which one you choose will depend on the style of diving you're doing, where you're diving, and your personal preference. Last but not least everyone needs a dive knife, for both killing your fish after you've shot it, and for safety. If you ever get tangled up in line or nets, you'll need a knife to cut yourself free. A not so essential piece of gear but nice to have, is a dive bag/backpack. They're super handy for carrying your gear when a hike is required to get to the water.


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