Spearguns 101


 In this video, Andrew goes over the basics of spearguns. He covers the different parts of spearguns, muzzles, bands, barrels, length, materials, shafts, tracks and rails, handles and trigger mechs, reels, float lines and floats, and goes over each speargun featured in the video. 

Andrew’s favorite guns from this video are the Rob Allen GT Roller, Beuchat Hero Carbon, and the Riffe Euro. The GT roller because it has a carbon barrel, with a ceramic bearing roller head. A dialed in 100cm roller gun will shoot like a 120cm or even 130cm, in terms of power. The roller head allows you to get more power out of a single band as well as reduces recoil and improves accuracy. Andrew likes the Beuchat Hero Carbon because of the sleek Beuchat handle, carbon barrel, and cuttlefish shape. This is the lightest gun currently sold at Diving Sports. He also likes the Riffe Euro, because while there are other guns with all the bells and whistles, sometimes what you want is just a classic wood gun, and Riffe excels at that.

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