Introducing team member Andrew


Andrew is a born and raised BC local. He left Canada soon after he graduated high school and moved to the US, spending most of the next 6 years in Hawaii. Andrew did humanitarian aid work, traveling internationally to countries like Tonga, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and more. 

He picked up spearfishing in Hawaii in 2017 with a couple of his friends. He had no clue how to spearfish, and got in the water with a 3 foot fiberglass pole spear with no band. Obviously, he caught nothing. He soon borrowed a short 50cm speargun from his friend, and was hooked. Andrew soon bought his own gear, getting his first pair of long fins and speargun. He spent all his free time watching youtube videos of spearfishing, and of course, out spearfishing. His favorite time to dive in Hawaii is sunrise, when the tourists are sleeping, the water is calm, and the sunlight is streaming through the water column. 

Andrew has a background in photography, and had his photos in an exhibition in Hulihe’e Palace in Hawaii when he was 19. As soon as he started diving, he started doing underwater photography, and gave up above land photography.  Andrew’s dream was to one day have his own dive shop, and to become a freediving instructor. However due to the pandemic, he moved back to Canada and made the tough decision to stay for the foreseeable future. He accepted that by deciding to stay, he was probably never going to be able to find a career in the dive industry. 

Fast forward to today, Andrew is excited to be working at the only spearfishing and freediving shop in the country. He’s excited to see where the future takes him in the dive industry and in local BC waters.

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