Open Water Course

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  • $ 299.95 CAD

Why train with us?

  • Low student to instructor ratios : 3 or 4 students per instructor both in the pool and ocean

  • Our retail store is located downtown.

  • Diving courses available all year-round. Private courses available.

  • We teach children 10 years and older.

  • Passionate team of Instructors and Divemasters who love to teach.

Drysuit Orientation VS Drysuit Specialty :

One of the questions we get all the time is: what’s the difference between the Orientation and the full Specialty course?

The answer is actually fairly simple! The Orientation is the pool session only, with us, to get you sized and teach you how to control the drysuit for whatever course you have coming up. The full Specialty is the pool session plus 2 ocean dives to receive a certification card. Most commonly you would do the drysuit orientation for your beginner Open Water Course so you can be dry and warm while learning to dive in the cold waters of BC. If you wanted to get the Specialty afterwards you only need to upgrade to do the ocean dives afterwards to achieve the certification which would allow you to use a drysuit anywhere from any shop. If you choose not to get the full Drysuit Specialty you will only be able to use a drysuit from our shop, since you won’t have the world wide recognized Certification card to prove you have completed the training.

Equipment Rental :

Diving Sports includes all the basic gear including wetsuit and drysuit. We do not include personal gear such as mask, snorkel, computer, DSMB, or compass for the specialty.

Transportation :

Transport can be provided from our shop to the dive site. We have our shop van (limited to a 2 passenger maximum capacity). Available passenger places in the shop van will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Having a buddy, someone to train or dive with is not required as divers will always be ‘buddied’ up if alone but there are discounts available for more than one student signing up. The discount is applied by ‘adding a buddy’ at the bottom of the sign up process.

Who is this course for:

The Drysuit Specialty course is built for certified divers who want to learn how to dive in a drysuit. Since the drysuit is an entirely different air space there are different techniques you need to learn to be able to comfortably and safely make a dive.

What You Will Learn:

Since you learn the most about diving a drysuit when you are actually diving, we only need to spend one evening in the pool after receiving your eLearning and then we go out for a whole day in the ocean for 2 dives. You will learn about air space management, when to add air and where, proper drysuit undergarment layering, and weighting and movement techniques specific to drysuit diving.

Course Description:

  • You will get an eLearning code for the drysuit course to do the knowledge development on your own time
  • You will have 1 evening in the classroom and pool to talk about proper drysuit use and learn some safety drills and diving techniques specific to drysuit diving.
  • You will spend 1 day in the ocean, completing 2 dives, to get the certification. These are usually done on the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

  • Course Prerequisites:

  • Open Water required (for the full specialty certification).
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