Open Water Course

Cleanup Events

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Why Dive With Us?

  • Passionate Team of Dive professionals with years of experience diving locally.

  • Full Service Dive shop for recreational scuba, technical divers, and freedivers.

  • Opportunities for education and skills expansion on every dive trip.

  • Environment-First Dive practices to help preserve the dive sites we love.

  • All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses.

Please join us as we clean up our local dive sites!

At Diving Sports, we are passionate about protecting our local environment and always aim to leave the sites we dive cleaner than when we left. We host both underwater and shoreline clean-up events where participants collect trash above and below the surface. Come socialize with fellow divers and people passionate about the environment.

Transportation :

Transport can be provided from our shop to the dive site. We have our shop van (limited to a 6 passenger maximum capacity). Available passenger places in the shop van will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.Meet times are 1 hour earlier for those needing transportation to ocean dives.

Equipment Rental :

Tanks and air fills are free! All other gear rentals are 25% off.

Underwater Cleanups:

  • Freedivers and scuba divers are welcome!
  • 2 unguided shore dives with lunch in between
  • Divers will be provided with a mesh bag to collect trash
  • No buddy? No problem! We will pair you up with another certified diver
  • Freedivers must have intermediate level certification
  • Scuba divers must hold Advanced certification, minimum 10 cold water dives, and have been diving within the last 6 months
  • 25% off rentals, and free tanks/air fills included
  • Light lunch/snacks and hot drinks provided
  • Raffle prizes!
  • There is no cost for this event, but we will be collecting donations for Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue team! Please feel free to bring a cash donation if would like to contribute

  • Oceanwise Shoreline Cleanup:

  • Everyone is welcome! Families, all ages, divers & non-divers
  • We won’t be diving today, but instead we’ll be searching the shoreline and the rest of the park for trash in partnership with Oceanwise
  • Participate in citizen science by tracking the kind of litter you find on the provided data tracking card. All data will be submitted back to Oceanwise for data analysis at the end of the event! Recording litter items helps determine their origins, leading to creating solutions to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up on our shorelines
  • Participants will be provided with collection bags and data tracking cards
  • Enjoy being outdoors and in nature while working to keep our shorelines clean
  • Light lunch/snacks and hot drinks provided
  • Raffle prizes!

  • Commitment to Safety and Enjoyment

    At Diving Sports we believe in making sure all our divers (Scuba and Freedivers) receive the best possible experience while maintaining a high standard for safety, both for the divers, the guide, and the environment we are visiting. Our dive guides have many years of experience diving locally in cold water. All Dive guides are trained in first aid and oxygen delivery. First Aid kits and DAN Oxygen Kits are present on all trips and courses. Dive sites or dive plans may be changed due to weather conditions or experience level of the group, as well as anyone not adhering to proper dive practices will politely be asked to adapt to better interact with the underwater environment.

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