Beuchat Redrock Wetsuit Review


In this video, Andrew goes over and reviews the Beuchat Redrock wetsuit.

This wetsuit has a few features that make it a great choice for cold water diving, the neoprene, seals/cuffs, and equalization pads. The neoprene is ElaskinX 8.6, which Andrew finds offers greater stretch than yamamoto 39. Stretch is an important factor to consider when picking up a new suit, since we use 7mm wetsuits in Canada, and typically the thicker the suit the less stretch it'll have. More stretch equals more comfort and mobility. The Redrock has smooth skin seals on the wrists, ankles, and hood. Among the different styles of seals/cuffs, smooth skin seals are the best at preventing water from entering the suit, which is what we want when diving in cold water. The suit also has equalization pads built into the hood that sit over the ears. These fabric patches help to prevent the hood from making equalization more difficult. Some divers opt to modify their suits by punching holes into the hood to aid equalization, or simply by letting water into the hood when diving. These patches allow you to equalize more easily without having to let water into your hood or modify it. This is definitely a top of the line wetsuit, and the price reflects that, however not as expensive as some other brands out there that don't offer the same level of quality in their suits or these features. 



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